Friday, November 20, 2009

From Yuka Dawson, Instructor at Mercy First

After the last graudation on Nov. 4th, MercyFirst welcomed 4 of Blueberry's fluff balls: Carmel, Brandy, Nut Meg, and Crisco.
They are the best sleepers ever! The first night away from their brothers and sisters, every single one of them slept 7 hours without having accidents.
All of them are very calm puppies!

Mercy First boys are having the best time. The advantage of having puppies is that the boys can experience "teaching" a simple task and experience an immediate success. Each student is paired with another trainer and the pair is assigned to a pup and an intermediate dog.

I am expecting my students to grow tremendously as trainers after working with an advanced dog for the first 2 months, then moving down to intermediate dogs and puppies.

It's a joy to watch my students' eyes light up with small successes they have with the puppies.

Photo: Bilal with Crisco

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Sizzle Potholder said...

Awww! Crisco is so young! That's my sleepy puppy!