Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Update From Green Chimneys, the "Disney" Litter

Check out ECAD's "Disney" litter and one of our trainer/instructors, Aurelie Duay's progress report on the puppy's!  It sounds like they are coming alone very well with the help of the Green Chimneys student instructors assisted by Aurelie and Adam!

ECAD's "Disney" Litter AKA Blondies Pups

The puppies  are now 5 months old and started their training at Green Chimneys a month ago.
They are assimilating the basic commands and have also started tugging and retrieving.

Every week they are learning new commands, this week it was ''my laps/snuggle''

We also had a chance to work on some distractions with them, meeting animals at the farm, and various   household items such as vacuums, broom ... and of course food !

Daisey was not very comfortable on being on the top of the jump on box but her trainer has been teaching her that it ''wasn' t that scary, and it will be okay''.

She worked through her fear and now seems very proud of her accomplishment, trainer indeed!

Mickey has been excelling on the art of  laying down or sitting and staying. He has been showing a lot of patience skills.

Tink has been a little shy at the beginning but seems to be enjoying being with her trainer . She gets very excited in the morning to load in the truck.

In one a month, their training have been improving so much.
These puppies are now more patient and able to stay under their box while their trainers are sitting and learning the lectures.

They are already more focused on their trainer and start to forget about the whole world.
Their trainer start to be their world.
Outside the pen, they have been learning how to be calm and gentle with each other ( even if Disney seems to be forgetting time to time )

Thanks for the pictures and the updates Aurelie and Adam!


Anonymous said...

Love this update! And love the Facebook pics, some of them look so much like Blondie. Where is the full list of names posted?

ECAD said...

Hi !
The puppies names are Disney,Mickey,Daisy,Pluto,Chip,Dale,Donald and Tink!

Thanks for asking!