Sunday, October 25, 2009

From Aurelie Douay, Instructor at Green Chimneys School

All the dogs are ready to explore the world! (or the farm...its a good start)
Their students look a little bit nervous and excited at the same time for this new experience.

Rosies's pups (Compass, Fern, Lilly, Jansmine, Iris), our black labs Dixie and Missy followed by our Great Dane, Yoda are READY TO GO!

But what are our pups thinking while we are heading to the farm?

Lily looks very excited: "Where are we going, where are we going?"
"What is this smell...?" while Compass is looking back and forth between the farm and his trainer.

"Hey! Look over there. What is that? Can't really be a pup...too big for that... it looks a bit like Yoda" wonders Jasmine. "I'm not really sure that I like it! My boy siad it was a HORSE mmmmmm but should I be scared?"

Oh no, my boy said that I don't have to be worried about it. "Now it is just me and my boy. We are both together, cuddling up, watching this huge thing moving around!" "Hey, I think I like it, and my boy too! He is smiling at me and petting me! I think I really love that!" Jasmine now settles her heard in her trainer's lap.

"Hey Dixie come have a look!" Fern says. Dixie gets closer the fence. "Yeah! But you know what? I see it but I prefer to be next my girl!"

Yoda and his trainer are now looking at the horse. Yoda wonders if he'll get that tall.

That was a fun day! Children and pups are tired after all the stimulation. Time for puppy nap time. Dreaming about the farm and we'll be back soon.

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