Friday, October 16, 2009

Yuka Dawson, Instructor at MercyFirst

Therapy Dogs at MercyFirst are training for a 5K run!

Cass, Mitsu, and Glory are exercised everyday on MercyFirst's campus.
Eight chosen students, I call them "Assistants," jog with the dogs everyday.

It all started to get the therapy dogs back to their healthy weight.
Daily cookies slowly added pounds around their weist and next thing you know, the dogs were a few pounds overweight...

After two weeks of running and restrictions on cookies, they are looking slim and beautiful.
(I wish I can loose the weight that easily!)
The students learned the importance of being healthy and staying trim.

Now, the dogs are training for The Bridie Goldstein 5K Run for Children that takes place in Syosset, NY on Nov. 28th.

Anyone would smile watching Jacob and Cass running around the track!!

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