Thursday, October 1, 2009

From Wasabi, Service Dog in Training

Now is the time I get to stay outside with Shanee and Mikey. We watch all the people go by and I don't bark! Shanee plays "watch me" all the time when we're out there. I'm getting more used to the people going by, but when they come in the house, I get a little too excited. I think it's the different noises I hear. They make me a little nervous, so I bark to make sure someone else is paying attention. I only bark once, but I have to learn to be quiet.

Dinner time! My favorite kibble again. Now I have to lie quietly in my kennel for a while so I don't get sick. Big dogs like us can get a sickness called "bloat" which is very dangerous. We could even die. That's why we always have to lie quietly for about 20 minutes after we eat. I like that. I always like to take a nap after I eat, don't you?

We're going for another walk, but just a short one this time. I think Jeanie wants me to get used to going out at night. This street is a little quieter. There's a barking dog! Wow, if I ever barked like that, I would flunk out of the ECADemy! I look, but don't bark back, because I'm playing "watch me" Now I'm a good Wasabi! I like that!

That was a short walk, but very educational. Not every dog is as well behaved as me and my kennel mates. I'm so proud of myself. Now I'm starting to understand that we're very special. All those dogs that are left outside because they don't know how to help their humans are very sad. They're bored and they need a job. They want their humans to spend more time with them, but they don't know how to train the humans and the humans don't know how to train them. I'm really glad I'm an ECAD dog.

We're relaxing now, and I'm getting my ears scratched, because I'm such a good dog. I love having my ears scratched! I love being such a good dog. The doorbell rings and Shadow barks. It wasn't me! Jeanie just says "Shadow" and she stops. It's a man named Paul. He's a landlord, whatever that is. He loves dogs, especially Elli. Elli says that she's known him for years. He used to bring his kids over to play with her when she wasn't working. Elle gets a nice belly rub from him and he visits with everyone for a while. He said he was going for a walk, but he didn't even hav e a dog! I thought he was going to borrow one of us, but he went by himself. What a strange human. Nice, but very strange - going for a walk without a dog.

We're going to be early tonight, but that's okay, I'm tired. We did a lot of new things today. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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