Saturday, October 3, 2009

From Wasabi, Service Dog in Training

IT'S OUT TEENAGERS!!! THEY'RE BACK! I just love my teenagers. Now I know why they brought us back. these are the ones who teach us everything. There are others who give us our baths and cut our nails, they aren't trainers, but some kind of assistants. They're so gentle when they cut our nails that I don't mind a bit. I really could use a bath too.

I'm not too good at teenagers names, so I'm going to make them all up. there's a tall one, we'll call him Alan. He's a trainer. Dunkin is walking him. Now Dunkin is dragging him towards Jeanie. Jeanie won't say hi to Dunkin, but she talks to Alan. Now Alan is making himself more important than Jeanie. Dunkin should know that the human holding the leash is the most important one in your life at that moment. Sometimes we forget when we get excited. Even Elli forgets when she sees Lu or Dale, because she loves them so much. Alan did a good job with Dunkin, now he's the only human Dunkin sees.

Now here's Bob. He's new. It's hard for the new teenagers. They have to learn our commands, and there are a lot of them. We try to get away with things when we have new teenagers. It's not fir, but we're teenagers too, just in dog years. Bob keeps saying "no." That never works. Oh, he learns fast! Now he's saying "watch me" and "leave it." I knew it wouldn't last. These new teenagers are really samart!

It's Yuka! I love Yuka! She trains the teenagers. She loves all of us, and takes us back to our kennel at Childrens Village every night. She is so patient.

Now Yuka is having the teenagers take us to class. I walk nicely beside my teenager, I'll call him Carl. We're playing "light" and "switch." I'm short, but I can just reach the light. We turn the lights off and on for humans who can't reach them, but only when they tell us to. I'm a little nervous when we play "tug." I like pulling on the rope, but it's attached to something and it's noisy. Oh, it's just the thing they put the laundry in. I guess I can handle it.

We get different teenagers and classes about four times a day. They love to play things like "get it, bring it here, and drop it." They give us really good treats too. At Jeanie's house we just get kibble, but here we get a real treat! I love to learn new things so that can make the teenagers happy. When a teenager is happy, it's the best thing in the world! I look up at Carl and I love him. I think he loves me too.

Classes are over and I'm in my kennel. I'm really hungry. Here's dinner and not a moment too soon! i eat my delicious kibble and I'md drifting off to sleep. I wonder where I'll be tomorrow.

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