Sunday, January 6, 2013

Russ is on the convention floor

Russel afternoon update; were here at United Rental convention, Lu, Dale, Hector, Rick set up the booth while I kept Luis entertained. Luis took a real attachment to my ball so after 20 minutes of straight tug of war I let him win. I would feel bad if I made him cry so I gave him my ball. Lu says I am very diplomatic, what ever that means. All I care is she was happy with me.

Service Dog Manners

Russ jr hotel report

Russel jr report! We have arrived at the United Rentals conference in Indy land of the Colts. At the Hyatt people were happy to see us, groups gathered and the hotels was nicely furnished. Oh one more detail the restaurant we had dinner in rotated floor on the 14 fl so the view was something. Im starting to like this trip thing! :) Russ Jr

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Russ Jr goes to the United Rentals, Inc. Annual Meeting and Show!

Russ jr is heading to the United Rentals, Inc. Annual Meeting and Show, United Rentals is a sponsor of ECAD and ECADs Project Heal Program. Follow his adventures this weekend as he travels to the show with Lu and Dale , Luis and Tuesday and other members of the ECAD team.

                         Russ Jr is one of our service dog candidates in the last stages of his training 

Ok.. someone explain this flying business. It was said we were flying to Indianapolis, I was very excited then next thing I know I am under the seat in front of me, I am not sure what happened next because I fell asleep. Not sure what humans call flying but I had a different image in my head {flapping paws furiously }. Oh well maybe on the way home Lu and I can fly my way. Paws crossed she agrees. Got to go ,the bus is here for us. Write again later Russel Jr