Mama Shiloh Shares

Hello everyone my name is Mama Shiloh and I am here to share with you the continuing story of my 13 puppies .  I will share some pictures,  some training tips,  service dog commands and hope to give you a better understanding of what a service dog goes through to become one while you watch it unfold here on my page.

My puppies were born on December 24th 2012 and have just begun their puppy training, well thats not entirely true because on the day they are born they are already being socialized with humans.  As ECAD does with most litters of puppies they become "Internet Stars" being watched by people from all over the world on ECAD's puppy cam LIVE! Whenever we have a litter at ECAD we will start up the live camera, for now you can check out some recorded videos of past litters by clicking on the below link.

ECAD's Puppy Cam

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