Tuesday, September 29, 2009

From Rachel, Instructor at JBCFS

“Eight Pack”

Part 1: Everything is New!

Cast of Characters:

Litter Mates 1:
Caprice: Female Black Lab
Captain: Male Black Lab
Stark: Male Black Lab
Hulk: Male Black Lab

Litter Mates 2:
Eli: Male Golden Retriever
Stutz: Male Golden Retriever

Romeo: Male Yellow Lab
Morsel: Male Chocolate Lab
Rachel: ECAD Instructor

This pack of eight is truly starting a new adventure in their lives, let's watch as it starts to unfold…


The first Monday morning of school in a pen outside of the ECAD classroom on the campus of JBCFS in Hawthorne, NY.

“Everything is new!” Morsel states to who ever will listen.
Attempting to do a back flip over Caprice, Stutz pants, “When are the teens getting here? I want the same one from last year!”
“Did you see all the goose poop out there? G-O-O-S-E P-O-O-P!!” Hulk whoops as he stares through the fence panel.
“Don’t you get it man, this is all new. A new kennel, new dogs, new school, and I bet that even means new trainers”, huffs Stark.
Caprice wrinkles her nose at Hulk. “What is this place?” she quietly asks glancing around at the nearby buildings.
Romeo grins at her, “This is school. Haven’t you ever been to school? Oh girl, this is going to be fun!”
Doing his best to place a body block on his brother while keeping an eye out for Rachel, Eli ends up bumping clumsily into the fence, “What I want to know is why we are not still at the old kennel, with the other dogs, and why do we need new trainers?”
Captain sidles up to Caprice winking at her, “Don’t worry sis, school is fun. The best thing is we get to train our own teens. Everyone calls them ‘trainers’, but us dogs are the real trainers. We train them to play with us, take us for walks, hug and snuggle with us, give us treats, and even pick up our poop. We even trained Aurelie, Dale, and Rachel to drive us around last year in the pick-up!”
The boys fall to the ground seized by side-splitting laughter as Caprice flicks her ear trying to figure all of this newness out.


Last school year the boys lived at the ECAD kennel facility in Torrington, CT and were in ECADemy Elementary School at Green Chimneys while Caprice took private classes in Maine with a puppy raiser where she lived for approximately 8 months.
This school year, the “Eight Pack” will be attending ECADemy Middle School at JBCFS. They have also moved to Dobbs Ferry, NY to the ECAD kennel facility on the campus of Children’s Village. Here they have met many new dogs and remade acquaintance with some of the older dogs, which had visited them last year in Torrington.

Rachel will also be starting a new adventure! Last year she was an Assistant Instructor-in-Training under Dale at Green Chimneys. She will take the lessons she has learned from many paths to develop her first ECAD class as an Instructor.

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