Monday, April 16, 2012

Commands with Adam-"Fix IT"

ECAD Instructor Adam demonstrating the command "Fix It", Fix it is used when the dog gets the leash positioned under is leg hindering movement and control. Lets check out that this looks like!

Now we want to use our basic starting commands of dogs name and "watch me" so you have his attention. Then tell him to "fix it" applying slight touch of the leash on his leg. With some treats and time this will become second nature to him just needing to here the fix it command.

Now the handler can slip the leash back to its proper position without having to physically bend down. A lot of our clients can not bend down and this is how they would fix this problem.

All Fixed!!!! Hope this helped you to understand more about service dog commands!


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Anonymous said...

looking good there pup...thanks for the refresher...