Wednesday, April 4, 2012

JPFCS Students Work on Stay

                         The STAY command is taught by placing your dog up on his jump box .
                                                               Good boy Ace! 

              The student asks the dog to "watch me". Watch me will have your dog look you right in the  eye ready to receive his next command . Great "watch me" Barcelona".         


Bauer has now been given the command "stay" and his student handler walks around his jump box repeating the command to stay.

Nook as been given the command "stay" and the student handler moves back away from the box.

Sevilla listens intently as her handler takes a seat a distance away repeating the stay command along with a hand signal.

So there you have it the process of the stay command as demonstrated by the students at JPFCS.

Thanks for the great photos Lia!


Anonymous said...

Great job and thank you for what you do!

Anonymous said...

wow, amazing work they are doing the dogs and handlers, keep up the good work. just know that what you are doing is very important. thank you from a grateful combat vet and for having lizzy [my service dog] in my life.