Monday, April 30, 2012

Training Update-Vet's,Designer and UNO


Boone recently was evaluated by one of his home for the weekend handlers and this is what they had to say about him.  Boone is very friendly and gentle and walks on his leash well, he seems very advanced for his age and has no problems when other dogs pass by him on the trails. He is a bit of an early riser in the morning. He likes to smell everything and gets excited meeting new people but is fast to calm down . He has very good house manners but will pick up items off the floor is he has the opportunity. He is quick to "release" when commanded to. All around he was described as bright and affectionate and a pleasure to have around the house. Looking good Boone!

Uno is doing very well when it comed to tugging the laundry basket in a straight line, which is a big improvement from the last update. He is still a little to excited when asked to get his leash and is working on it. He is working on his leave it (items on the floor) .

The pups of the Designer litter are moving right along! Armani is excellent on turning on the light switch  on and is doing very well. With a stronger student handler he is staying on point and not as playful about his tasks. Armani is staying in the "up" position longer with a lot of positive motivation.

Chanel is geting really good at "up" and then retrieving items off the table. Her hold is excellent. Her Drop is good but have to work on getting the items in the laundry basket when dropped. Chanel will do the light switch board but still needs to be targeted with treats. Her tug is improving.  One of Chanel's home handlers report that she is a very calm dog. She reads people well and either sits or lays down when her handler is stopped to talk to people. Chanel went to a baseball game over the weekend and sat calm and still under the bleachers, she did not try to eat any of the goodies that had fallen under the bleachers. 

Gucci was working hard at the Graham School and has been doing some successful stair work. Gucci is coming along very well and is very attentive in all his positions and commands.

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