Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Training Update-Designer Litter


Hi everyone here are some updates on the pups of the Designer Litter and Veterans Litter.  Spezzano is working on the light board ( turning light switch on and off), and doing quite well.  Spezzano also went on a trail walk with a group of ECAD pups in training including Hanson, Hazelton, Dior, Boone and Uno. All dogs were on task and not overly distracted. Hanson and Boone the babies of the group were on task for their age and not overly distracted.

Armani- Armani is doing very well at turning the lights on and off. Armani is trying to be be better about tooth bushing. Tug, sit, and hold are also being worked on. Armani is doing well on not being distracted by balls and loud noises.

Chanel- Chanel is working on her light board training and is targeting with the assistance of treats!

Dior- Dior is getting close to the light needs a little work on hitting the target.  Dior is quite the tugger tugging heavy laundry baskets through narrow spaces! Dior's  hold is excellent and is improving on bringing objects directly to your hand.

Any questions or comments feel free to leave in comments section and will get back to you ASAP! Have a great day!

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