Thursday, April 12, 2012

UNO Shiloh's first puppy



Uno was  Shiloh's first puppy and only puppy in the litter. As you all know Shiloh's second litter consisted of 13 puppies! Like the second litter Uno is a Dane/Lab mix.  Uno is true to his name and is one of a kind! Here are some training updates for Uno.

Along with some other service dogs in training , Uno, took a walk on the trail and worked beautifully! Uno was not distracted by his buddies or other animals and stayed focused and on task.

Uno's "Look"- Look is one of a stream of commands that will start with the dogs name,Uno watch me! To get the dog focused that a task is coming. Once we have Uno's attention the next command is "Look" , the trainer will look at the item you want Uno to get and point to the item. "Get it". "Get it" will make Uno go to the object and pick it up in his mouth. The command that follows get it is "Hold it" asking Uno to hold it in his mouth and not play with it. That is where Uno is in that string of commands right now more to come on the finish of that command string.

Uno is also working on "Sit" and "Shake". When out in public with your service dog if someone asks if they can pet the dog, the proper way for them to interact with the dog is telling the dog to "sit" and "shake". The commands given by the handler. It is a good way to educated the public on the proper way to interact with service dogs without actually petting them.

Uno was a busy boy these past few weeks also working on "leave it" , Leave it simply means for the dog to stop focusing on whatever he is focusing on. Uno's vice it chewing paper, he is doing well with the verbal correction of "leave it".

Uno has been working on tugging a crate, which will be helpful in pulling a cane, prosthetic and even laundry basket if his future handler may need that skill. He's not quite pulling in a straight line yet but is improving none the less.

Uno took a trip to Stop & Shop and was excellent in his positioning and behavior in the store.

Way to go Uno!!!!

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