Saturday, April 7, 2012

PTSD Detective

An experience from ECAD client Lee and her Service Dog Brady.

Went to the craft store with Brady yesterday. While looking for some crafts in the frame department Brady suddenly noticed one of the stores employees and wanted to go toward her. He went and sat at her feet and offered his paw.

Her face lit up and she asked if she could pet him. When she leaned down to pet him he gave her on lick on the face. Hmm , that's a new one I thought.

After talking with her for some time it turns out she use to work in the world trade center and had been in tower one on September 11th. She went to tell me how she suffered from PTSD and was housebound for two years. Her biggest challenge during that time was going down her driveway to get her mail. She often did not get far before becoming overwhelmed and sick and retreating back to the house to clean up.

We let her snuggle with Brady for a little while before promising to come back soon to visit again. Brady amazes me everyday for sure and im sure glad he does. I get to meet the most interesting and nice people, who usually have some stories we can relate to and share.

Brady is turning into BRADY PTSD detective!

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