Sunday, September 20, 2009

From Dunkin, Service Dog in Training

3:00 pm
We're done for the day. Now I'll go home with Yuka and ...what's this? Where are these humans taking me and IN WHAT? That's not our truck! The older dog (her name is Elli May) is already in the thing...LOAD. load where? There are two humans, two Service Dogs, a wheelchair and my kennel (I'm so glad I have something from home) and we're all squished into this thing they call a subcompact car. Of course, I'm in the back and Elli May is in the front. Talk about low dog on the totem pole! WHERE'S THE AIR CONDITIONING? We're driving but the scents are different. I don't think they know the way home. I'll just wait patiently until they figure it out. Humans always do.

We've stopped and are getting out. First Jeanie then Elli May, Shanee is next and I finally get out. They're taking Elli and me to the street side of the house. What a busy street! Elli likes me! She really likes me! THERE'S A HUGE KENNEL DRIVING UP THE STREET! Elli says it's okay. Jeanie calls it a truck. That's a big truck but they're not worried, so I'm not either. Time to get busy.

We're going into the the building called a house. There are other humans here and one is really small. He's in something that looks like a crate but it has no top. They're introducing us. He's called Mikey or the baby. Hi Mikey I'm Dunkin. Can I have your.,.WHAT was that noise? Jeanie's calling me. I go and she says GOOD and pets me. I like when they pet me but if I try to nudge them to pet me some more, they say NO and ignore me.

There are a lot of things called NO in this place especially around the food and a place called the kitchen. It smells SO GOOD in there. Shanee is bringing me to Mikey. She says DUNKIN SIT and GOOD SIT and I'm very proud of myself. Mikey pets me. He's a little rough but Shanee is right here to make sure it doesn't hurt and he doesn't go too close to my eyes. I REALLY LIKE WHEN THEY PET ME. Shanee takes me out to GET BUSY again. This is called a yard. There are so many new smells here! I want to go and...but I have to GET BUSY first. NOW WE'RE PLAYING. I can run in the yard and have fun! I love the yard.

Dinner time. The humans eat first, right in front of us! Ill just lie here like Elli does. She's been patient with me and shows me how to act in the house. We'll get along fine. Elli eats next. She has GOOD food! Finally, I get to eat in my kennel. Kibble, my favorite! Soon I'll get a drink of water and then go and GET BUSY. It's 7:30. Everthing's done and it's time to relax. Jeanie's calling me. We're going for a walk! She knows the STEP command! I'm really good at that. STEP, WAIT, STEP, WAIT. GOOD DUNKIN! Now we're walking and there is a lot of commotion. It's a Police Car she tells me. No problem. There's a Kennel with sirens coming down the road. Fire truck, she mentions and we just ignore it. We get to run together. I'm at a perfect SIDE and I can keep us. YES, GOOD BOY! I'm a good boy. I have to get busy but she seems to Know. I get busys and Yes, I'm good. Boy am I tired. My first day with these handlers was really busy. I'm so proud of myself. Jeanie said I was GOOD when I ignored those fire tgrucks, ambulances, plice cars, sirens lights and whistles. They seem to know I'm tired. Shanee has me KENNEL UP and its' good. Time to sleep.

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