Thursday, September 24, 2009

From Wasabi, Service Dog in Training

Sorry....I'm a little late reporting on my weekend!

It's Saturday! I don't know what that means, but the humans love Saturdays. Today, we're going to play "get the phone!" First, we have our morning routine. I already know where to "get busy" in the backyard. There are a lot more "neighbors" around, especially the kids. I love neighbors now, and when we're in front of our house, I don't bark at them anymore. I still have to bark when they come in, and sometimes when we go for a walk, but we're working on that.

Mornings sure are easy around here. First, I get busy in our special spot in the backyard. Elli always goes after me, and right on top of where I went! She says that's because it's really her yard and that's how she let's all the other dogs know. Then we go in and eat (I LOVE to eat) and we take a half hour nap.

Now we're going to play "GET THE PHONE!" I'm so excited. There's a black thing on the floor. I wonder if Mikey threw it there. No, Shanee is pointing to it and saying "get the phone." When I look at it she says "that's it!" I got it! I bring it to Shanee and I get a piece of kibble. My favorite! Now Jeanie's saying "get the phone." It magically appeared on the floor again.

I must have gotten the phone 10 times! Now, Jeanie's saying "get the phone" again, but it's not on the floor! Where could it be? She points to a black thing -but it's not lying on the floor! It's upright, and I'm a little confused. I go to look at it and - "that's it!" I pick it up - it's a little different to pick it up when it's not lying down - and I ge a GOOD WASABI and a treat! I'm in heaven. I guess that thing is a "phone" no matter where it is. I want to play this game a lot.

Now we're going to play "out back." That's what everyone calls it here. Elli and I go out with Jeanie, Shanee and Mikey. Elli likes to roll around in the grass, but I like to run, run, run. Uh oh, I ran right into Elli and knocked her down! I kissed her to make it better (that's what the humans think, but I'm really telling her she's the boss), and she's okay. She wants to play with me! We chase the ball (
Elli lets me win) and play "sit" and "wait." It's time to eat.

What a nice meal! Kibble is my favorite. We're all taking a nap now, so that when we get up, we'll have the energy to do something else.

That nap went so quickly. We're getting ready to do the laundry and ....THERE'S ANOTHER DOG! Where did she come from? Jeanie is taking her to meet me in the front of the house. She's HUGE! Her name is Shadow and she's a German Shepherd. She's a seizure alert dog for Shanee's father, Roger. She says she used to live here, and they're coming to visit for a couple of days.

Shadow knows all our commands!

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