Monday, September 28, 2009

From Wasabi, Service Dog in Training

It's good morning time again! Elli and I go "get busy" (Shadow is still asleep, she was out late last night) and then it's time to eat! I love my kibble. There aren't any toys out now - Jeanie says three dogs and one toy won't work so we play "watch me" and "get the phone."

Mikey is still throwing things out his kennel, oh,that's right, it's a playpen for humans, and Shadow stole one! Uh oh. Roger has her bring it back to Mikey and told her to "leave it." She's going to help with the laundry instead. I love to help with the laundry. Shadow says her favorite thing is opening the refrigerator, but it's usually Elli who gets to do that. Shadow said that when she was little she used to steal the food. Once she ate a whole soda bread right off the table, and another time, she took a pepper out of the refrigerator! Now she knows that it's not right to take the humans' food, but back then she didn't know any better. Before she came to live here, she was lost, and had to sleep outside in the snow and find her food where ever she could. I'm glad I'm an ECAD dog because I'll always have a warm kennel and plenty of food, and good humans.

Elli and I are going to the store! Thee is a gas station on the corner here, and we're going to it. We'll get to see some different humans and I won't bark. Here we go. Elli is off leash - she goes here alone sometimes when Jeanie needs help. That's when she "speaks." It took a long time for Elli to learn to speak; I hope it doesn't take me as long to learn to be quiet. I'm right next to Jeanie. There are a lot of different kinds of cars, and they're all moving. Elli is on Jeanie's other side. She says Jeanie will watch out for the cars and won't let us get hurt, but we have to sty right by her side. No problem there.

Here's a human. Elli is giving him a dollar and he's giving Elli something. She gets to go into the store all by herself. She says Jeanie can't always get in, because there's a step. I wonder what Elli has? It's in a bag, and she carrie it all the way home. Boy, she's strong. All the people say what good dogs we are. I'm so proud of myself - I didn't bark!

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