Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From Wasabi, Service Dog in Training

Hi, I'm Wasabi and I'm training to be a Service Dog. I'm just a year old but I know more than 60 commands already and I'm REALLY GOOD!
My training started right after I was born. Every time I ate, a human would talk to me. Now every time I hear a human voice, it reminds me of those cuddly, happy times with my mommy and siblings. Sometimes, I had to climb over some gravel to get to my mommy and eat. Other times, there was a rug, or some tile. This helped me learn that I can walk on anything and I would get something really good just as soon as I got over the obstacle.
When I was eight weeks old I went to school. There I met at-risk teenagers. I love teenagers! They get so excited when I learn something new and they tell me what a GOOD WASABI I am.
One day, all the teenagers went away and I was almost all alone. They call it summer. I still had Yuka, the trainer, and Lu and Dale would come by and there were other humans and dogs but I really missed my teenagers. I wish they would come back.
Someone is coming to the kennel! Maybe it's my teenagers - no, it's someone named Shanee. She's young, but not a teenager. She's taking me out! Now she's handing me over to someone called Jeanie. She's in a wheelchair. I'm so excited...I think I'll run over there...whoops, I shouldn't have dragged Jeanie. Okay, I'm back and I'm a GOOD DOG.
More tomorrow.

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