Thursday, September 17, 2009

From Wasabi, Service Dog in Training

It's good morning time! Yep - 6:30 on the dot. Here comes Jeanie. We go out and I get busy (which means I toilet outside) and I hear "good get busy!" Now it's time to eat. I LOVE to eat! I go into my kennel and wait patiently...soon, it's coming. OH I have to sit and "watch" Jeanie before I can eat. Okay, I'm sitting and watching and NOW I'M EATING! I need a nap.

They have a couple of other humans here. One is really little. He has a funny looking Kennel which is open on the top. They call it a playpen. His name is Mikey. He's very lound for a human, but he pets me. Sometimes he's a little rough, but I don't mind, I can always walk away. He has a command too. When he pets us, Shanee tells him "careful."

There are two other men here too. There's big Mike, who is very quiet and Jeff who is not here all the time. Both of them can pet me when I'm not wearing my leash. I love when they pet me! Mike is learning some of my commands like "kennel up." A lot of people come to this house to visit the humans. There's Stan, who smells like cars - Ellis says he fixes them. Then there's John who comes to see us dogs. I think he likes to talk to the humans too, but he LOVES me and Elli. Then there are pople called the neighbors - there are a lot of them. Some are old, some are young, and some are teenagers! They don't know our commdands though, so I just sit and shake with them, as long as I don't bark. I have to be calm and play "watch me" before I can meet anybody.

There are a lot of humans outside too. Every afternoon, Shanee takes me outside to watch the kids who go to school around the block. Yesterday, I only barked once. I just couldn't help it - I was so excited! I'll do better tomorrow, but I think I was pretty good today. Shanee said I was a "good Wasabi," so I'm happy.

More tomorrow...

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