Friday, September 18, 2009

From Wasabi, Service Dog in Training

WE'RE GOING FOR A WALK! I LOVE walks. This is a very long walk. We're going into "town" whatever that is. Jeanie and I play "watch me" all the way. I'm good at playing watch me. There's a human Should I bark? I usually bark when I see a human...but we're playing "watch me" again. Oh, now we're playing "sit,stay and watch me." Where did the human go? Oh well, maybe I'll bark next time.

There sure a are a lot of humans in this "town" place. I'm getting ready to bark, but before I can even open my mouth, Jeanie says "watch me." I don't think I'll ever get a chance to bark again.

Whew, back home (that was a long walk) and I'm back with Elli. She gets to open the refrigerator and takes something out for Shanee. I can't wait until it's my turn. We're taking a nap now. I really need it.

Now we're playing "get it." I have to wait until my nose is pointing in the right direction, then either Shanee or Jeanie says "get it" and I pick up whatever is right in front of me. Then I "bring it" to whoever wants it. It's so much fun! Sometimes, not always, but sometimes, I get a treat for bringing it.

Tomorrow, we're going to play "get the phone." I heard that's very important for humans. Elli tells me that once, when Jeanie's mother was sick, she had to "get the phone" and "bring it" all the way up the stairs! She saved a life!

Its's SUPPERTIME! Did I say how much I love to eat? I'm sitting, waiting patiently in my kennel, and waiting for "watch me." Here it is, and I get my delicious kibble. Now, I have at least a half hour of peace and quiet, so I can digest my food properly, then it's PLAY TIME! I love play time. I have my own Kong, but I don't get peanut butter yet. She said that's because Jeanie is her human and when I get my own human I might get peanut butter too.

Elli is getting dressed to go out. I don't like that. I want to "get dressed" too, but I'm not ready yet. Shanee and Jeanie have to take another class, and then we have a test before we go out together. Maybe when I go to high school I'll get to "get dressed" and go to work with my teenagers.

Elli is back! She said they went to the supermarket. SHE GETS TURKEY! Oh, I can't wait to get a human. They make such good companions if you train them right and really need our help. Elli tells me she pulls Jeanie's wheelchair through the supermarket and gets things off the shelves for her. Then she carries a bag of food to the car without eating any of it. I could do that! I don't know how to "pull" yet but I know how to "get it" and "bring it." When we go walking, I'm always right next to the wheelchair. I can't wait.

We're taking it easy now. Elli, Jeanie and I are on the floor. Part of me always has to touch Elli - it makes me feel comfortable. I hope my new haman has a dog like Elli. Mikey is in his kennel and he keeps throwing things to us, but he doesn't say "get it" so we ignore him (unless we want him to pet us, then Shanee or Jeanie brings us to his kennel and says "careful" and he reaches over to pet our backs." We don't let him too close to our eyes. he keeps trying to catch my tail, but it's almost alway wagging and someone always stops him.

Jeanie is going to wash our ears, which me makes me feel so much better and soon we'll all "kennel up" and go to sleep for the night. When Jeanie washes our ears we sometimes get to "jump on" so she can reach us better. She doesn't get up and down very easily but Elli helps her. She says "stand" then leans on Elli to get up. I'm too short to help her get up, but I'm really strong! Maybe my human will be shorter and I can help them. I'll "stand" still for as long as it takes for them to get off the floor.

Even though Elli gtets to sleep next to Jeanie's bed I sleep in my kennel in aonther room. I don't mind. I love my kennel. It makes me feel safe. If I'm tired and we're not doing anything I go into my kennel to take a nap. The first night I was here I was so tired that I "kenneled up" at 9:00 before they even told me to! I'm such a GOOD WASABI!

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