Sunday, September 27, 2009

From Wasabi, Service Dog in Training

Shadow is a lot of fun! She's older than me, but younger than Elli. We're not allowed to play in the house and we can't roughouse outside, but we played with my Kong ball together, and we played at practicing our commands. Shadow said that Jeanie found her when she was just six month old and living on the street. She was afraid of everything including humans. In another place, the humans used to hit her and the other dogs attaceked her. That would NEVER happen around here. Jeanie spent a long time getting her to be confident. She used to bark all the time. She siad it took eight months for her to stop barking every time she heard a sound, but now she's better. Now, she's not afraid of anything. She lives in Hempstead with Roger, and jumps up on him before he has a seizure. Normally, we wouldn't jump on anyone, but sometimes that's the only way to get Roger to sit down before he has a seizure.

Jeanie took me somewhere new for our nighttime walk. I still get a little nervous at night - things move so quickly and there are more shadows. We went to a diner - not inside, but up a ramp and to the door. Then someone named Katy came out to see us. I wanted to go in, but Jeanie said I'm not ready yet. I guess she's right, because I tried to pull her in, which I'm not supposed to do but she remineded me to "sit" and I remembered my manners.

On the way home, we met a lady and her little girl. They were a little bit afraid of me, but they're afraid of all dogs, except Elli. Everyone loves Elli! I want them to love me too, so I sat and shook hands and was very polite. I only tried to sniff a little. Then, a whole car full of people stopped! They said I was soooo cute! They didn't get out, which was good, because there were a lot of them, and I get a little nervous around a lot of people at once.

Now, we're home! I'm so excited I'm running as fast as I can around the backyard! I LOVE going back home, even if it's Elli's home and not mine. I'm safe here. Someday, when I graduate and get my own human, I'll have my own home, and Elli can come and visit. We play "sit" and "down" and then it's time for bed.

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